Bottle pump 28mm stainless steel


Please choose which colour pump form the options below or if you would like the trigger spray or wooden lid option.

Processing is 3-5 working days.

Soap dispenser pump lid/trigger spray lid 28mm

This listing is for the pump dispenser only, bottle not included.

All pumps fit bottles with a neck of 28mm.

Choose from the stainless steel option which come in colours silver, beige, antique bronze, black, white and gold. There is a plastic pump which is good for high acid/alkali products or for high usage with water such as in a shower cubicle. Finally there is the black trigger spray pump which is good for cleaning products, water sprays/misters etc. The wooden top lid is good if you want a screw top lid only, not a pump.

The stainless steel options are good for adding drama to your bottles, they are very aesthetic however it is important to be aware that as they are stainless steel products with a high salt content or a strong acid or alkali can cause a reaction with the stainless steel, this could be a reaction with the oxidisation process (to get the colouring) or it can cause the pumps to rust inside. They are therefore not suitable for certain products that fit this criteria. Please be aware of this when choosing the stainless steel pump option. For refillable products always ask for a ingredients list to see if the product is ok for these pumps. If this reaction happens with your pumps, take the pump out and pump through with warm water, clean the inside and nozzle, you may need to change your product if you wish to keep using the pump however if you wish to keep using the product you may wish to buy a plastic pump.

You can buy the pumps with bottles or buy on their own, please see my other items for options.

Many thanks for looking, Charlie Rose Vintage

Colour pump

White, black, beige, gold, antique bronze, silver, plastic, trigger spray, wooden screw lid


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