Bundle bottle, tray and pan brush


Bundle including amber glass bottle, wood tray and pan brush. Choose from a 1 bottle bundle or a 2 bottle bundle and the label names.

processing is 3-5 working days and postage is Royal Mail 2nd class.

Bundle -including amber glass bottle, wood tray and pan brush


The amber glass bottles are 500ml and you can choose labels for hand soap and dish soap. The wooden tray is acacia wood stained and oiled for protection. I would not recommend the wood trays sit in water as this will damage the wood. The pan brush is made from wood and a great accessory sink side.

The labels are waterproof. Please choose the colour stainless steel pump you require for your bottle. Please be aware prior to purchase that certain soaps react with stainless steel and they recommend not to use with stainless steel.

The wooden trays come in 2 different sizes depending on the bundle you choose, oval for the 1 bottle bundle and rectangular for the 2 bottle bundle. These, along with the bottles can also be bought separately on the website if you prefer.

Processing is 3-5 working days.

Pump colour

Matte black, white, silver, gold, antique bronze, beige, plastic, wood lid

Bundle choice

2 bottles with hand soap dish soap, 1 bottle dish soap, 1 bottle hand soap


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