DIRTY & FILTHY by Charlie Rose Vintage


Please choose the glass colour and soap pump colour choice you would like in the drop down boxes below. The trigger sprays are always the same, black plastic.

Processing of orders is 3 to 5 days unless specified differently on individual items.

Set of 2 bottles

These are my new glass bottles with Dirty, Filthy, labels to add a fun twist to the ktitchen or bathroom. Stylish glass bottles (no plastic bottles) with a choice of labels and lids, trigger spray lid or stainless steel pump lid in a choice of colours.

The Dirty bottle with pump lid is great for dispensing your washing up liquid in to and the trigger spray Filthy bottle is for your own mix of products, be it zoflora or your own white vinegar mix with water and essential oils.

On checkout choose your label and bottle colour.  Get rid of those messy plastic bottles and change to these stylish bottles which look amazing out on your surfaces, no need to hide away. All bottles are 500ml and the labels are waterproof, do not submerge in water or put in the dishwasher

Eco friendly, replace plastic for sustainable products.

Then just choose which colour pump lid you would like for your bottle. Please note if you choose any of the coloured stainless steel options for your pumps, including silver, that products with a high salt content or a strong acid or alkali can cause a reaction with the stainless steel, this could be a reaction with the oxidisation process (to get the colouring) or it can cause the pumps to rust inside. They are therefore not suitable for certain products that fit this criteria.

Here is guide to the sizing of each bottle approximately:

200ml – Diameter 5.3cm, Height 13.3cm without lid
300ml – Diameter 6.3cm, Height without pump 15.5 cm, with pump 19.7cm
500ml – Diameter 7.3cm, Height without pump 17.5cm, with pump 22cm
1000ml – Diameter 9.3cm, Height without pump 22cm, with pump 25.5cm

The glass bottles are made from recycled glass which can at times cause small imperfections such as small bubbles.

Amber, Clear bottles

Pump colour

Gold, beige, white, Matt Black, Antique bronze, Silver, Black plastic


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